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Key questions to consider when responding to the Collins review

by Ann Black.

Consultation on Ed Miliband’s ideas for party reform will run until 24 December. The much talked-of special conference will take place on 1 March 2014, in London.  Ray Collins’ interim report is has been available since conference here. We are now at the stage for further contributions and comments from members to be sent in. […]

Paul Kenny: no lectures from wealthy outsiders and CLP cuckoos

by Newsdesk.

This is the full text of GMB general secretary Paul Kenny’s speech to Labour party conference this morning. It is a pleasure of speaking today as Chair of TULO, representing the fourteen affiliated trade unions with a collective voice of millions of working people and their families. The trade union affiliates will only put in […]

Will future Labour conferences be as boring as the Lib Dems?

by Conrad Landin.

Why does the Liberal Democrat conference look so boring? In the bare basics of their procedures and practices, the Lib Dems probably crack down on dissent and debate less than Labour or the Tories. And yet as middle aged white men with horrendous jumpers take to the podium on TV, I can’t help thanking god […]

Young Labour: “any weakening of the union link should be opposed”

by Newsdesk.

The national committee of the Labour Party’s young wing, Young Labour, vowed on Wednesday night “to defend the right of trade union members through their affiliated trade union to take part in the selection of candidates at every level of the party”. Young Labour joins scores of grassroots activists and party units in expressing concern […]

Millions not millionaires: more members speak out to defend the union link

by Newsdesk.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reporting on the numerous party branches and organisations who have spoken out in defence of the Labour-union link following worrying statements on its future from leader Ed Miliband. The latest constituency Labour party (CLP) to add its voice to the fray is Hackney North and Stoke Newington, where […]

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