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Compass backs Ed Miliband

by Jon Lansman.

Compass has voted overwhelmingly to back Ed Miliband with 55% of first preferences in a surprisingly small turnout of 626.  It may be too late to have any effect on the outcome but it does reveal something about where Compass members stand. Only one in eight members backed Jon Cruddas’s stance of suppoprt for David […]

Compass and the Leadership

by Jon Lansman.

“By this week-end, three quarters of the votes in the 2010 Labour leadership election will have been cast. The contest will effectively be over.” So Dan Hedges at Labour Uncut points out. And the effective end of the contest neatly coincides with the announcement of the result of the Compass ballot on who they’re going […]

Compass: A New Hope?

by Jon Lansman.

It would be churlish to do other than congratulate Compass for organising its conference “A New Hope” at the weekend. Bringing together a thousand people to hear such a wide range of policy debate, some good keynote speeches and the leadership hustings is more than any other organisation on the Left could currently achieve. But […]

Centre Left bids for policy-making power

by Jon Lansman.

Whilst the eyes of the media are focused on the Leadership election, nominations also open this week for other important elections.  A Left slate is emerging for both Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) and the National Policy Forum (NPF).  The most significant of these is the NPF election: for the first time, this will be […]

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