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The best speech that Ed Miliband has never made (and it was written by a Tory)

by Jon Lansman.

You’d expect us to say that Ed Miliband “shrinks from showing pride in Labour’s links with the unions. He treats them as if they are embarrassing relations from an earlier generation. He knows he owes them a lot, but takes care not (to) be seen very often with them in public, and hates it when […]

The anatomy of a Con Home hack-job

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The Stupid Party. Home to the venal, the privileged, the dim, and the narcissistic. It is fair to say the Tories will say and do anything to protect their narrow, sectional interests – interests that are, as they have always been, fundamentally at odds to those of the overwhelming majority of people; and are also […]

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