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The anatomy of a Con Home hack-job

The Stupid Party. Home to the venal, the privileged, the dim, and the narcissistic. It is fair to say the Tories will say and do anything to protect their narrow, sectional interests – interests that are, as they have always been, fundamentally at odds to those of the overwhelming majority of people; and are also getting increasingly inimical to those of capital itself. Hence the myopic way they set about public spending to the detriment of the British economy. Hence their utterly incompetent conduct in office. These morons may have been born to rule, but they’re certainly unfit for it.

True to their decadent, out-of-touch form; the attack line we’ll increasingly hear between now and 2015 is the old warhorse of the loony left. That’s right, the Tories have gone all 80s on us and retro sloganising is back. ‘Red’ Ed Miliband and his trusty lieutenant, Ed “Trotsky” Balls are preparing to nationalise the top 100 monopolies right after bringing in a mansion tax. Andy “Che” Burnham is preparing to go all Cuban on the NHS as soon as the Health and Social Care Act is scrapped, And our latter day Big Bill Haywood, Unite’s Len McCluskey, will travel the land fomenting flying pickets after factory occupation after insurrection. Vote Labour in 2015 and get five year plans, not five year elections.

I don’t know whether to laugh at the Tories or pity the fools. To think that today when class consciousness is at the lowest ebb it’s been, when unions have virtually been driven from public life … to believe attacks of this sort would resonate? Words fail me.

Which brings me to this lovely piece of hackery, courtesy of the aptly-named ConHome. Titled Unite Councillors Network is championing far left in our town halls, the aim is to smear Labour in the manner above through logic-stretching innuendo and amalgam. Let’s play.

One of the most basic requirements for a credible, responsible, local authority is to set a budget. It can avoid cuts by proposing a huge Council Tax increase and seeking to convince their residents of the case for this via a referendum.

See how options apart from raising Council Tax are foreclosed from the off. As the author’s understanding of local government is as sketchy as his grasp on real life, allow me to patiently explain a few things. A Council can bump up revenues by attracting inward investment, charging more in rents, or setting up companies that can market any expertise it has at its disposal. But this can only go so far. As the bulk of their income is provided by Whitehall’s block grant, it is also entirely legitimate for councils to lobby and campaign against the ruinous cuts that have disproportionately fallen on local authorities’ heads.

This is not proposed by Unite. Instead their preference, as I understand it, is for not setting a budget.

The key phrase here is “as I understand it”. Our author has no proof this is Unite’s position, except a suspicion.

Any council doing this would still face cuts but would have them imposed direct from Whitehall. The Unite union thinks this sounds rather a good idea – lots of agitprop opportunities.

Did you see what he did there? We went from supposition to cast iron certainty. And according to the position our author has arrived at in his own head, Unite quite fancies local authorities getting turned over by ministerial decree because it can shift a few leaflets. It’s a leap that would make Greg Rutherford proud.

The recent Unite National Political Committee, Political Director’s Report shows how the union will use its clout to keep extremist councillors within the Labour Party.

We read how the union is intervening on behalf of Cllr Kingsley Abrams in Lambeth, and Cllr Kevin Bennett in Warrington, arguing for them to be re-admitted to their respective Labour Groups.

Shocking. A union defending its members after they’ve got in a spot of disciplinary bother.

There are some in Unite who don’t feel that Len McCluskey is left wing enough. They fret that he is a bit too soft on those Labour councillors who huff and puff, but then set a legal budget.

Whoa, where did that come from?

I would remind you of a piece in Socialist Fight. It is from a couple of year’s [sic] ago. The strapline: “The fight against the cuts and against Imperialism’s war on Libya is one struggle” gives the period feel. But the general theme is still relevant.

Ah, guilt by association. Never mind Socialist Fight has all of 11 readers and is less representative of the union than that other well-known Unite militant, Prince Charles. Any brickbat will do.

It laments:

Six ‘left’ Labour Councillors in Hackney, Barry Buitekant, Michelle Gregory, Linda Kelly, Deniz Oguzkanli, Ian Rathbone, and Patrick Vernon signed a statement against the cuts. They would, “support a campaign to defeat the policies of this government through public protest, opposition and defiance. We would like to see local Councils across London leading the charge and refusing to adopt cuts budgets as a result of government enforced policies.” All voted for the cuts budget.

Doesn’t this kinda undermine the argument the Unite is a hard left vanguard set on “not setting a budget”. What incoherent piffle.

Unite is so cut off from reality, so out of line with their membership that their Marxist leader is under attack for selling out. This is the state of play inside the Labour Party’s biggest paymaster.

Another violent assault on elementary logic. Unite is backing a hard anti-cuts position, and it isn’t. It is carrying out a Marxist programme, and is being attacked for not carrying out a Marxist programme. The union is out-of-touch, but threatens to take over a party of 200,000 members.

Who knew ConHome played host to master classes in absurdist writing?

This article first appeared at A Very Public Sociologist


  1. John says:

    Well the Tories won London in 87 hands doen with the claims of loony left I’ll never forget that Tory party election broadcast

    Diane Abbott-all white people are racist
    Bernie Grant- police got a bloody good hiding
    Keith Vaz- the police like riots it gives them an excuse to intimidate black people
    Ken Livingstone I’d scrap he army if I could
    The head of Sheffield Labour Party- the Brighton bombing was a justified act of self defence

    We lost millions votes with those comments,

    Look at Labour now

    Kane buck the Tories don’t want the poor to breed, is this based on one comment Keith Joseph said 40 years ago

    Katy clark scrap kettling- remember the last time the police didnt kettle a riot, Broadwater farm

    Sadiq khan associated with extremist solicitors

    Diane Abbot -white people want to divide nd conquer,and about 10 other things ,these are just 4 comments by people ,ican think of about 6 other m.p.s who Said similar things,

  2. The Tories; Whatever else they are,arent a stupid party. They are the utterly reactionary, ruthless class warriors they have always been since their inception, and the loyal devoted servants of the City of London, the banks and every landowning, property developing vested interest ever thought of, and an even more reactionary, venal, snobridden grasping petit bourgeois membership/support at constituency level, just to give them a veneer of respectability, they have always managed, somehow, to attract a smattering of decent people to their cause, God knows how!
    The article shouldnt be any great surprise to anyone who has seen them operate in local government or central government, they were below sewer level long before Murdoch and the Sun came along; ask anybody over the age of 55 who’s ever been involved in politics, local or national Whenever I think of the Tories, I always think of a saying I heard at work or in the boozer years ago, it was about an individual but it fits them and plenty of their M.P.s and activists, “They could crawl under a snakes belly with a top hat on” Even more so when I think of their latest recruit Linton Crosby. At least we may see a little bit of justice a little later in the year when Camerons favourite journalist, Andy Coulson, is up before the beaks in Glasgow later on in the year, over the Tommy Sheridan case(I’m on my knees praying that he ends up in Barlinnie) or as I understand it, he is facing charges over the phone hacking scandal(ditto sentiments over Glasgow). If these hopes come to fruition, it will just go to show that they dont get everything their own way and give us a little something to smile at in these grim days of the Tories waging their vicious class war policies.

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