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Even with MPs, it’s only the small fry who get collared for fiddling their expenses

by Michael Meacher.

The fifth anniversary of the Daily Telegraph exposures about MPs’ expenses once again brings to mind that, like so many other cases involving the Establishment, it was the little people that got done over while the real culprits escaped free.   No-one can condone the offences for which half a dozen lesser known MPs were […]

The Tories: fear them, hate them by all means, but be in awe of their genius

by Owen Jones.

For many Labour supporters who woke up this morning, this is what ‘schadenfreude’ was introduced into the lexicon for. The smell of toast Lib Dem wafted through their windows up and down the country. In the year since Britain fell back under Tory domination, the most passionate vitriol has been reserved for the Lib Dems: […]

Dennis Skinner savages the Banker Laws

by Jon Lansman.

One thing’s better when Labour’s in oppostion – Dennis Skinner in full attack mode. This time though, the Lib Dems aren’t sitting behind him. What a treat!

Bankers in charge of the Treasury

by Ann Pettifor.

With a backdrop of bankers looting the EU’s Treasuries (via a bailout that rivals George Bush’s TARP) let us consider one of the most significant Lib Dem-Con cabinet appointments (and a non-appointment). That of someone who until now was invisible: David Laws the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury. His Wikipedia profile (updated on the […]

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