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The voice of a new generation and why it’s kicking off everywhere

by Jon Lansman.

From the Arab Spring, to #OccupyEverywhere. This video makes the link brilliantly. Do watch it. But why is it all happening? What is it about the new generation? Back in February, Paul Mason wrote a brilliant blog with twenty reasons why it was kicking off everywhere, in the Arab world, in Greece, Ireland, France and […]

OccupyLSX – and police ‘kettling’

by Ann Pettifor.

On Saturday, I spent a frustrating afternoon trying to honour a commitment to the organisers of the above demo, to address the crowd on the steps of St. Pauls’ Cathedral. Got there at about 2.45 p.m to find that all avenues into the square on Ludgate Hill in front of St. Pauls were blocked by […]

Occupy London Stock Exchange takes it to the City this Saturday

by Newsdesk.

As protests on Wall Street capture the imagination of the world, with people taking to the streets to hold the global financial system to task, a diverse group of Londoners is coming together to launch a peaceful occupation near the London Stock Exchange (LSX) at Paternoster Square. In little over a week, the OccupyLSX Facebook […]

What Occupy Wall Street should tell the political right

by David Osler.

I guess the biggest problem the political right on both sides of the Atlantic has with the Occupy Wall Street movement is the sudden realisation that not everybody in America thinks the way that they do. Those that habitually refer to liberals as ‘the far left’, and nonsensically insist that Obama is some kind of ‘Marxist’, […]

Battle of Cable Street anniversary rally

by Andy Newman.

A 96 year old veteran of the 1930s fight against Oswald Mosley’s fascists will return to the scene of the anti-fascist movement’s greatest triumph to speak at a commemorative march and rally on Sunday October 2nd marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. The march assembles at 11.30am at the junction of […]

‘Cuts are not the cure’ says TUC in run-up to huge demo

by Jon Lansman.

The TUC is distributing thousands of pamphlets with the message that Cuts are not the cure in the run-up to the March for the Alternative – the London demonstration on Saturday 26 March – which is set to be the biggest TUC event for decades. Already hundreds of coaches have been booked and trains chartered from […]

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