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‘We’re All In This Together’

by Owen Jones.

2011 was the year the phoney war ended or – as the kids say these days, so I’m told – shit got real. When queues of anxious customers demanding their money suddenly formed outside Northern Rock over four years ago, it seemed like a slightly surreal – but one-off – disruption to normality, like an […]

Trade unions: the big task ahead in 2012

by Owen Jones.

It was the year that sticking it to the status quo re-entered the mainstream after an all-too-long long hiatus. And yet 2011 showed just how far that resistance remains from mounting a serious challenge to the Tories, let alone giving capitalism much to worry about, four years into its worst crisis since the Great Depression. […]

OccupyLSX: vicars in a twist

by David Osler.

The OccupyLSX protest outside St Paul Cathedral seems to have boosted the rate of attrition among senior Anglican clergy to levels last seen in the mid-1550s. Given that the Church of England is factionally riven to the point that exposes the far left as wilful amateurs in the backstabbing stakes, we probably do not know […]

When will this scream of hurt and anger be heard?

by Michael Meacher.

I went to Occupy LSX outside St. Paul’s today after delivering a speech at a conference on how the banks had taken over and grossly abused in their own self-interest the control of the money supply. It is critical to our economy and the future of the British State, yet it has never been discussed […]

Labour must get to grips with the surge of outrage sweeping the world

by Michael Meacher.

Occupy Wall Street, London and 900 other cities across the world challenges the Labour Party to demonstrate that it’s not just a clique holed up in the corridors of Westminster, but a mass campaigning organisation that reaches out to the people and responds to their demands.   The second Occupation site now established in London’s Finsbury […]

Protest without politics will change nothing

by Owen Jones.

My first experience of police kettling was aged 16. It was May Day 2001, and the anti-globalisation movement was at its peak. The turn-of-the-century anti-capitalist movement feels largely forgotten today, but it was a big deal at the time. To a left-wing teenager growing up in an age of unchallenged neo-liberal triumphalism, just to have […]

#OccupyLSX – what role for unions?

by Union News.

As the LondonStockExchange occupation began, a dispute over 43 locked-out Sotheby’s art handlers in New York had won the active support of the #OccupyWallStreet movement. Could a similar link emerge in the UK? Video, reporting by Pete Murray

The mainstream press speaks out in support of Occupy Wall St

by Jon Lansman.

Although “the standard rightwing putdown of the Occupy Wall Street movement” to which David Osler refers are widespread, there is also encouraging statements of support or at least demands for attention in newspapers our rulers take seriously. The Financial Times and the New York Times to name but two.

#OccupyLSX: yes, but what are they advocating instead?

by David Osler.

Yes, but what are they advocating instead? That question is rapidly becoming the standard rightwing putdown of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the similar demonstrations it has inspired elsewhere, now including London’s #occupylsx. Hacks penning hatchet jobs on this one have two ways into the story. One option is to start by stressing widespread sympathy […]

Anti-capitalism is now firmly on the march

by Michael Meacher.

Two episodes of potentially enormous significance are now beginning to converge. The first, like a slow-burning fuse, is the spontaneous grass-roots anti-globalisation, anti-capitalism movement which has been smouldering for several years and is now gathering force sparked worldwide by austerity measures for the masses while the bankers and financial elite ride out the depression unscathed. […]

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