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Football: Catching up with Portugal

by Mark Perryman.

50 years ago England beat Portugal in the ’66 World Cup but Mark Perryman argues English decline has left England racing to keep up with their Euro rivals Thursday night’s pre-Euro England friendly versus Portugal is bound to provoke a 50th anniversary revisiting of England’s best match of the ’66 World Cup. No, not the much feted […]

A new constitutional settlement for England

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

We could well be days away from ending the 307 year old union between Scotland, and England and Wales. This penny has finally dropped with establishment politics. They have looked into the abyss and are terrified that irrelevance could be staring right back at them. Characteristically, their attempt to ward of the spectre has been […]

England should play a game of low expectations

by Mark Perryman.

Tonight England vs Brazil at Wembley marks the start of the FA’s 150th Anniversary Celebrations. Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman argues that it is the perfect time to lower our expectations of England’s chances. England vs Brazil, friendly or no friendly, is a tasty international fixture to mark the start of the Football Association’s 150th birthday […]

Some initial thoughts on Labour, patriotism and Tim Soutphommasane

by Carl Packman.

It has been the contention of some that the Englishness we speak of today is rather bleak and shrill, “based on loss and abandonment”, as Jon Cruddas recently put it. But the nation today will be in the throes of national ecstasy, nearing the closure of the Olympic games with 29 gold medals under our […]

A socialist voice for the North of England

by Paul Salveson.

A new organisation – the Hannah Mitchell Foundation – has been formed to campaign for elected regional government for the North. The political shape of the United Kingdom is changing rapidly. The debate over Scottish independence is only the most obvious sign of a major shift, together with last year’s overwhelming vote for more powers to […]

The Northumbrian question and devo-max for England

by Jon Lansman.

Never mind the West Lothian question, what about the Northumbrian question? Whatever the result of the Scottish referendum, the process of devolution to Scotland, Wales and (Northern) Ireland will continue. And all that the commentariat can talk about is who in Westminster should wield the power — a UK parliament or an English one. If […]

Happy St George’s Day

by Jon Lansman.

Billy Bragg – England, Half English Sorry about the advert! (Hat-tip: Sunder Katwala)

Nationalism, Unionism and Englishness

by Andy Newman.

David Miliband’s article on England and English identity in this week’s New Statesman was unremarkable in its content, but was worth noting because of the rarity of a senior Labour politician addressing the so-called English question at all, the last occasion being a speech by Frank Field in 2008.

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