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How Britain could assist in the fight against ISIL without air strikes

by Andy Newman.

The performance of Jeremy Corbyn on the Andrew Marr show was extraordinarily impressive, puncturing in a number of places the complacent rationalisations that David Cameron has presented for British involvement in the Syrian civil war. Let us remind ourselves that this is an issue that the Conservative Party is also divided over, with MPs such […]

Austerity is a hard untruth for Europe to swallow

by Max Leak.

The most galling aspect of the Conservative Party’s ongoing political success is that its all-important austerity narrative is objectively, straightforwardly untrue. Every Conservative politician of note must be fully aware of this, and there are no words to describe the cynicism that it requires to keep trotting out the flagrant lie, year in, year out. […]

The two scenarios now facing Greece

by Sergio Cesaretto.

The victory of ‘no’ opens two scenarios. The most likely is the further effort by the Syriza-led government to reach a new agreement with the Troika, but it is not clear why it should be given something that had not been given before. The financial upheaval of recent days may be such as to induce the […]

What are the Labour leadership candidates saying on Greece?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Yesterday’s vote in Greece was a momentous occasion. Almost two thirds of a people, many with politics far removed from that of its leadership, said no to demands for more austerity from the well-heeled bureaucrats of the IMF and European Central Bank, and the ministers of the European Commission. It won’t be until tomorrow that […]

The Real Greek Crisis

by Bryan Gould.

Most people will feel that they don’t need to look far for an explanation as to what lies behind the Greek crisis. Lazy reporting and racial stereotyping will persuade them that the Greeks – a feckless lot, no doubt – have spent more than they should, got into debt, taken out loans from the hard-working […]

Spain’s indignados at the crossroads

by Tom Gill.

One of the great weaknesses of Spain’s indignados movement, which this week celebrated its second birthday, has been its failure to pursue a strategy that turns power in the streets into the real power needed to change the world. In the November 2011 general elections, six months after Spaniards occupied town squares across the country, […]

Merkel’s Neo-Liberal Dream for Europe Will Be Crushed

by Miguel Costa Matos.

Austerity is wrong, so much we know and have repeated to each other countless times. We actively remind each other that austerity is destroying public services, massifying poverty and unemployment and imploding the economy, all this while failing to deliver on its promise of solid public or private finances. In all countries, bail-out programmes have […]

Economists launch alternative European rescue plan

by Tom Gill.

A new European Progressive Economists Network has launched a radical plan to rescue the Continent from austerity and the terror of finance with a democratic and green model of development that brings the banks under social control and promotes public services. The network includes Belgium’s Econosphères, Spain’s Econonuestra, France’s Economistes Atterrés and Italy’s Sbilanciamoci! and a number of multi-national […]

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