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World leaders and hypocrisy: Nous sommes a bunch of Charlies

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s not often state-sponsored demonstrations take place in a liberal democracy, but that’s what today’s Unity March in Paris was. That isn’t to deny it was a genuine popular upwelling of people disgusted by Wednesday’s atrocity. No amount of establishment handwringing can bring 3.7m people out onto the streets if the sentiments weren’t truly heartfelt. […]

On Charlie Hebdo and defending liberty – a dose of multiculturalism would help

by Jon Lansman.

Today we express solidarity and sympathy with the remaining staff of Charlie Hebdo and the families and friends of their 12 colleagues brutally murdered yesterday. It was an appalling attack on the freedom of speech, including the right to criticise, to satirise and to lampoon which we believe are essential features of democracy. Furthermore, in […]

All who believe in truth and justice need to defend Assange

by Michael Meacher.

No wonder the diplomats, the politicians, the controllers hate him so much.   By trumping up sex charges against him, by claiming he may have broken US law by revealing data that puts (CIA) lives at risk – even though that’s exactly what Karl Rove did for Bush – the US is determined to get their […]

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