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All who believe in truth and justice need to defend Assange

No wonder the diplomats, the politicians, the controllers hate him so much.   By trumping up sex charges against him, by claiming he may have broken US law by revealing data that puts (CIA) lives at risk – even though that’s exactly what Karl Rove did for Bush – the US is determined to get their revenge on Julian Assange and silence his truth machine by any means available.   If they can use David Blunkett’s one-sided pro-US 2003 Extradition Act to get him sent to the US by a pliant UK Government (one of WikiLeaks’ revelations is that the Tories promised that if the US lent them help to win the election, a Tory Government would be more likely to buy US arms), so much the better.   It is vital that all those who believe in truth and justice defend Assange, not only for his courage and commitment, but to preserve the momentous change in international governance he has brought about.

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