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The government are keener to catch whistleblowers than tax avoiders

by Michael Meacher.

The treatment of Osita Mba, the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) solicitor, is a public scandal. It was he who revealed that Dave Hartnett, former head of HMRC, had made a private deal with Goldman Sachs, sealed with a handshake, that let them off payment of interest amounting to at least £10m. This issue of […]

One rule for Goldman Sachs, and one for everyone else

by Michael Meacher.

Praise be to UK Uncut. It’s only due to them that we’re now learning what really lay behind the Blair-Brown policy of ‘light regulation’, now gratefully continued by the Tories, and the world of difference between the treatment of the hyper-rich on the one hand and the defenders of the poorest on the other. The […]

HMRC let Goldman Sachs off tax to avoid “major embarrassment” to Osborne

by Newsdesk.

In the legal case against HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) over the ‘sweetheart’ tax deal with Goldman Sachs, details have emerged of a controversial cover up to avoid political embarrassment at the heart of government. It came to light in the High Court that the former tax chief, Dave Hartnett, chose to waive the £20 […]

UK Uncut takes on the Inland Revenue and Goldman Sachs on behalf of the 99%

by Jon Lansman.

UK Uncut has been granted leave to challenge the so-called “sweetheart” deal between HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Goldman Sachs, which saved the bank up to £20m. UKUncuts’s case will now go to a full judicial review where its lawyers will argue that HMRC failed to carry out its legal duty to renegotiate a deal with […]

Goldman Sachs exposes the whole rotten investment bank ethos

by Michael Meacher.

Perhaps we should be grateful to Goldman Sachs. It is so brazen in its greed and ruthlessness that it exposes the ugly face of capitalism far more crudely than its detractors ever could. Now we have the resignation letter of one of its executive directors, Greg Smith, to confirm from the inside what Goldman is […]

The terrifying intentions of Eurozone technocrats

by Ann Pettifor.

As the world economy fails to recover, and instead threatens to implode we are now witness to political and social developments in Europe that are deeply alarming, even if inevitable. It is important that we understand and prepare for the implications of recent events. The good news is that both politicians and official policymakers at […]

Southern Cross links exposed with Qatar, RBS & Goldman Sachs

by Michael Meacher.

The story behind Southern Cross that is slowly being exposed gets worse by the hour. We now know from research by the GMB, which represents nearly 11,000 staff employed by Southern Cross, that up to half of the properties at the 753 care homes were acquired by a company called NHP, of which the ultimate […]

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