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UK Uncut takes on the Inland Revenue and Goldman Sachs on behalf of the 99%

UK Uncut has been granted leave to challenge the so-called “sweetheart” deal between HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Goldman Sachs, which saved the bank up to £20m. UKUncuts’s case will now go to a full judicial review where its lawyers will argue that HMRC failed to carry out its legal duty to renegotiate a deal with the bank after it emerged the government had a mistake in the original talks by not including interest payments. Lawyers for UK Uncut asked the judge to grant permission to seek a declaration that the agreement was unlawful. They want £20 million to be returned to the public purse. HMRC argued that a judicial review could not be brought without endangering tax-payer confidentiality which it claimed was of “paramount importance”.

UKUncut are now appealing for money to cover the cost of the action. They said today:

Are you angry that HMRC lets big business avoid huge sums on their tax bills? Are you concerned about the impact the cuts will have on our public services? There is something you can do! Help us take HMRC to court over the deal that allowed Goldman Sachs – the global banking giant- to get away with avoiding millions in unpaid tax.

We are taking HMRC to court because we believe that their secret deal was unlawful. HMRC and Goldman Sachs can afford the best lawyers in town, so we need your help to take them on. It’s the people’s court case.

Our fantastic lawyers are taking the case on a no-win, no-fee basis, but if we do lose our legal case we are likely to be liable for HMRC and Goldman Sachs legal costs, and we can’t imagine the bill is going to come cheap! Without this money we can’t continue with the legal challenge.

We are asking individuals to make a donation of just £1. We want this to be a court case on behalf of the people, so we want a pound from thousands of people to show the level of support for this legal case.

You can donate by following this link.

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