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Why the means justifies the means (say Gordon Brown and Wile E Coyote)

by David Pavett.

Chuck Jones, the creator of Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and a host of other great cartoon characters once explained that the inspiration for his Wile E. Coyote character (all his efforts to capture Road Runner fail but he never ceases to work on his ineffective plans) was a remark of the philosopher George Santayana who […]

Brown has a nerve to lecture us on economic credibility or winning elections

by Michael Meacher.

It is hard to believe that Brown had the gall in his anti-Corbyn diatribe to declare that “the best way of realising our high ideals is to show that we have an alternative in government that is…neither a pale imitation of what the Tories offer nor is the route to being a party of permanent […]

Gordon Brown and power

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Has Gordon Brown reached down from heaven and, like the vengeful Presbyterian God, smited Jeremy Corbyn with his great clunking fist? Well, no. The much-trailed Power with a Purpose speech wasn’t the knock out some were hoping for, as if a talk could derail the Jeremy juggernaut anyway. Instead we had a thoughtful, nuanced and […]

Socialism not nationalism is what should govern the life of Scotland, says Gordon

by Jon Lansman.

From each according to his ability to contribute; to each according to his needs. That is the best principle that can govern the life of our country today.” Thus Gordon Brown, at last and at his best, put socialism firmly at the heart of the reason to vote No in the Scottish referendum. It should […]

10 really good things about Gordon Brown

by Jon Lansman.

It’s true that for a number of years you couldn’t put a fag paper between the politics of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and though we all heaved a sigh of relief when he eventually took over, he did disappoint us as PM. But Gordon has many great strengths and, just at this moment, there […]

Does Labour really still believe it lost the 2010 election because Brown was soft on cuts?

by Michael Meacher.

If there is one reason why Labour may still lose the election next year, it is because the front bench is still fixated on cuts. It is even being suggested now that the reason why the vast majority of us are suffering from debilitating Tory spending cuts is because Brown didn’t promise to do much […]

So there won’t be another crash?

by Michael Meacher.

It’s not often I agree with Gordon Brown – indeed I can’t remember the last time I do so – but I think he may be right when he predicted earlier this month that the global economy may be heading for another meltdown. He said, rightly in my view, that the lessons of the 2007-9 […]

Ken Clarke, Gordon Brown – and why the Eds shouldn’t back Tory spending plans

by Mark Seddon.

Shortly after Labour’s landslide victory in 1997, for some perverse reason I invited Ken Clarke to attend one of our monthly Tribune dinners in the Gay Hussar restaurant, that old canteen of the Labour Left, in London’s Soho. Clarke professed himself baffled by the assembled journos, cartoonists, MPs and trades unionists asking if we spent […]

In (partial) defence of Gordon Brown

by Andrew Fisher.

Despite the claims of Cameron and Osborne (and that rather politically naive and economically illiterate note left by Liam Byrne), the last Labour government was not profligate, it did not over-spend. In fact, as the graph below shows, Labour actually spent less as a proportion of GDP than either the governments of Thatcher and Major. Labour […]

Et tu, Brute

by Michael Meacher.

So even Alastair Darling has turned against Gordon Brown for the IMF job. But what is disturbing about all the jockeying and jostling now going on is the focus on the wrong criteria. This is not a position – ‘the world’s banker’ – to be decided on the basis of personality incompatibilities (Cameron-Brown) or on […]

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