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The Blairite ultras would lead Labour to surrender. They must be stopped

by Owen Jones.

I never thought I’d say but it but, Christ, I don’t half know how Thatcher felt. Until her administration came and put the ‘Great’ back into ‘Great Britain’ (and all that), post-war Britain was a picture of despair for Maggie. The Tories had capitulated to the political settlement established by Clement Attlee’s 1945 government, with […]

Royal Wedding Special No 3: The conclusion… of England’s bourgeois revolution

by Jon Lansman.

It’s official, David Starkey says so: the old aristocracy, the one based on land and genealogy, is dead. The entitlement of the new ruling class to be gathered in Westminster Abbey last Friday is based on money alone. A public school education certainly helps, but lots of money will do, however you acquired it. Posh […]

Could Labour have won in 2010?

by Andy Newman.

In the final days of last year’s general election campaign, Gordon Brown visited Skelmersdale, to a raw emotional reception. This was an election where Labour was too slow to realise that working class memories of what a Tory government is like were strong. Polly Toynbee, to her credit, did pick up that it was different from politics as usual, and […]

Muck-raking through the Wasted Years

by Mark Seddon.

“Mad, bad and dangerous”, these are the epithets apparently attached to Gordon Brown, by Tony Blair our previous Prime Minister but one. They form the centre piece of some very serious muck raking by the man who tried to play both of them off against each other throughout Labour’s thirteen years in Government, Peter Mandelson. […]

Where Britain’s going, no-one will follow

by Mark Seddon.

Having staggered through one recession – and without emerging the other side of it – Britain now seems destined for another. This time it will really hurt. A Martian arriving in London, or rather at the Mother of Parliaments in Westminster, could be mistaken for thinking that all of Britain’s economic woes could be laid […]

A Marriage of Convenience?

by Nyta Mann.

click for photo credit Conservative leader David Cameron waxed lyrical about coalition and partnership at his joint press conference with Nick Clegg yesterday. But this is strictly a marriage of convenience. Labour + Liberal Democrats could have made very good sense – but those Labour MPs who emerged to decry any form of coalition with […]

Who lost this election for Labour?

by Ann Pettifor.

The British establishment, led by the BBC and aided by some inside the Labour Party, are plotting Gordon Brown’s downfall. They want Labour’s leader out. The grounds?  That the 2010 election result compares badly with Tony Blair’s electoral victories. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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