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The battle for France’s national industry jewel

by Tom Gill.

France has been in a state of shock since it was revealed last week the company that built the high speed TGV train and steam turbines for EDF’s nuclear reactors was about to be taken over by the yankees. Things scarcely improved when a desperate Paris sought to bring in the Germans for an alternative […]

Stopping Pfizer takeover of AstraZeneca is test case for safeguarding UK strategic interests

by Michael Meacher.

It is incredible that a US company can quite openly flaunt a major British strategic company as a bargaining chip to reduce its internal US tax liabilities. But that is exactly Pfizer’s position in trying to take over AstraZeneca, Britain’s second biggest pharmaceutical company which alone provides 2.3% of UK exports, £2.8bn of UK R&D, […]

To consolidate its lead Labour now needs to correct 3 major mistakes

by Michael Meacher.

With business leaders, even the director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, now slamming Osborne’s policy for indecision, equivocation, short-termism and political manipulation, Labour must now be poised to take a decisive lead in the crucial area of economic policy. But if it is going to consolidate a lead which at present is much […]

Britain heads for biggest trade deficit ever

by Michael Meacher.

One aspect of the Osborne strategy (if you can call it that) which has hitherto received little or no attention is that the economy looks like hitting the worst trading position ever on record. Without a significant improvement in exports over the next few months, the trading deficit may turn out as bad, or even […]

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