The end of my European dream

Planet of the Euros, by DonkeyHotey, Flikr, Creative Commons licensed Attribution 2.0 Generic, source image for the European Central Bank sign is a Creative Commons licensed photo from UggBoy?UggGirl's FlickrThe imposition of German demands on Greece, without consideration for its democracy, sovereignty or interests, is one of those moments that changes everything.

I grew up with a European dream. Born in 1958 I was politically aware from a very young age. Much informed my early views, but most influences were, inevitably, personal. I wanted comprehensive education because of the damage the 11 plus caused to my family. I was always interested in Ireland because of my obvious family connections. And Europe mattered because I never met the grandfather who gave me my name as he died as a result of service in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. Continue reading

Is this the end of the European project: German hegemony in an age of austerity?

The European project began at the end of the World’s most devastating war because Germany (with the support of France) wanted to put its past behind it. Now an age of austerity is being inscribed into the foundation of a European super-state because Germany (with the support of France) wishes to put its future first. Fiscal union and German control of monetary policy would be used not to tax those who grew richest in the years of plenty and lift out of depression those who gained least, but to support the competitiveness of German industry through an undervalued currency. Continue reading