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As thousands strike, Blairite pension-slasher helps himself to the loot

by Jon Lansman.

As unions representing 400,000 workers are forced to take strike action in defence of their pensions, it emerges that John Hutton, the former New Labour minister who helped the Tory-led coalition attack their pensions, is to be paid £1,000 per day to chair the new “mutualised” pensions company that will run the civil service pension […]

The real scandal over pensions

by Michael Meacher.

It’s bad enough that the Government has repeatedly misrepresented (civil servicese for ‘lied’) the facts about public sector pensions. Cameron, Maude & co. have claimed the cost is expected to soar; their chosen stooge, Lord Hutton, nailed that one when he noted in his report that payments will “fall gradually to around 1.4% of GDP […]

The Blairite ultras would lead Labour to surrender. They must be stopped

by Owen Jones.

I never thought I’d say but it but, Christ, I don’t half know how Thatcher felt. Until her administration came and put the ‘Great’ back into ‘Great Britain’ (and all that), post-war Britain was a picture of despair for Maggie. The Tories had capitulated to the political settlement established by Clement Attlee’s 1945 government, with […]

Pension reforms – inefficient, unfair, a disincentive to save, deflationary and wrong

by Richard Murphy.

As economists we are opposed to the public sector pension reforms proposed by this government and Lord Hutton. Public sector pensions are far more efficient than private pensions. The net cost of paying public sector pensions in 2009/10 was a little under £4 billion. The cost of providing tax relief to the one per cent […]

John Hutton: Tory fig-leaf

by Owen Jones.

Today, a report commissioned by one of the most radical right-wing governments in modern British history is being published. It recommends slashing the pensions of six million public sector workers while forcing them to contribute more and retire later. It sums up the Government’s whole approach to the economic crisis that erupted three years ago. The pillars […]

A rejection of tribalism or just class treachery?

by Jon Lansman.

Left Futures doesn’t do “Class Traitor of the Month” – sectarianism on the Left is bad enough without seeking out traitors on a regular basis – but John Hutton’s decision to chair a Con-Dem coalition inquiry into containing the cost of public sector pensions does require pause for thought, as did Frank Field’s decision to […]

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