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As thousands strike, Blairite pension-slasher helps himself to the loot

As unions representing 400,000 workers are forced to take strike action in defence of their pensions, it emerges that John Hutton, the former New Labour minister who helped the Tory-led coalition attack their pensions, is to be paid £1,000 per day to chair the new “mutualised” pensions company that will run the civil service pension scheme. As Mark Serwotks put it, “his huge pay packet is an insult to the millions of workers whose pensions he has helped to cut.”

Lord Hutton will be paid a higher rate than the Prime Minister himself to run the pension scheme of the six million civil servants and their families whose livelihoods he’s helped slash. You couldn’t make it up.

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  1. Douglas Dummett says:

    I’ve really got the MyCPS (Capita?) bods in a tizz-was! I have not signed the paperwork to take my pension – instead I have asked for a CETV (Cash Equivalent Transfer Value) ! Boy have I had the run around! First I got all the reasons why I shouldn’t mainly because it takes 3 months to get a CETV! Next was the “but you won’t get your monthly pension until you sign the forms” Followed by a letter from a Pensions Administrator saying that “if eligible” (why shouldn’t I be?) and “Due to the amount of information to be obtained from various sources it could be some months before the figurs are available” TOSH! I believe these are stalling tactics because they don’t want us to change pension providers! I want to to be able to increase my monthly pension by the provider taking into consideration my ill health and chances of shuffling off this mortal coil earlier than actuarily expected!

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