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Corbynomics and balanced budgets

by Andy Newman.

It has been a stormingly successful two weeks for Jeremy Corbyn, and for the Labour Party. We have seen membership growth, not only more members, but a membership more representative of the broader population, younger and more gender balanced. We have a majority of women in the shadow cabinet for the first time ever, we […]

Labour should be cautious of adopting Osborne’s fiscal charter

by Michael Meacher.

There is now a strange air of unreality about the handling of the deficit. Osborne has made it centrepiece of his political narrative, although his prime motivation is not to reduce the deficit, but to shrink the State and the deficit gives him the pretext to do it. Even if it was his prime objective, […]

Jon Snow interviews shadow chancellor John McDonnell (video)

by Newsdesk.

  Excellent interview with the new Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell. Credit: Channel 4 News

McDonnell calls for suspended activist to be re-instated

by Newsdesk.

Labour parliamentarian John McDonnell has called for the re-instatement of Keith Henderson, secretary of Clacton constituency Labour party (CLP). Mr Henderson has been suspended from the Labour party as a result of anonymous allegations made against him, the details of which he has not been informed of. Members of Clacton CLP have speculated that Mr […]

The Labour Left at its worst

by Jon Lansman.

About a hundred people gathered in London on Saturday to determine the future of Labour Briefing — whether it should remain an independent magazine or become the house journal of the Labour Representation Committee (LRC) of which John McDonnell is the chair. It decided, by 44 to 37 votes with a few abstentions, to go […]

The Blairite ultras would lead Labour to surrender. They must be stopped

by Owen Jones.

I never thought I’d say but it but, Christ, I don’t half know how Thatcher felt. Until her administration came and put the ‘Great’ back into ‘Great Britain’ (and all that), post-war Britain was a picture of despair for Maggie. The Tories had capitulated to the political settlement established by Clement Attlee’s 1945 government, with […]

Fears grow of depleted uranium use in Libya

by Newsdesk.

Campaigners from the UK Uranium Weapons Network and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today expressed their growing alarm at the possibility that highly toxic and radioactive depleted uranium (DU) weapons have been used in Libya. The inhalation of DU particles, spread when the weapons hit their target, is thought to be linked to the sharp […]

The LRC: Preparing for the battles to come….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Slightly over 100 comrades gathered for the Labour Representation Committee conference on the 15th of January. In terms of size this was a much smaller number than those who gathered for the Fabian Conference on the same day. However, in-terms of significance it would be wrong to underestimate the LRC.

LRC conference preview

by Darrell Goodliffe.

This coming Saturday, the Labour Representation Committee will meet for its annual conference. It does so at a crucial juncture in the trajectory of the Labour left, of the Labour Party itself and the wider labour movement. What role the LRC plays will, of course, be largely determined by the direction it takes now. One […]

Parliament at its most ridiculous and shameful: McDonnell bill falls

by Jon Lansman.

The Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) bill introduced by John McDonnell, backed by the TUC, has fallen, not because it was carefully considered and rejected, but because of the filibustering by a tiny number of Tory MPs. If we needed an indication of how much more reform of parliament is needed, this was it. For […]

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