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Unions are vital to the defence of citizens’ rights

by Michael Meacher.

Astonishingly the near-insurgency conditions prevailing today in France aren’t just because Sarkozy intends to raise the retirement age to 62, but mainly because his proposals to reform the social contract are being imposed without consultation – in practice, without negotiation with the unions.    The trade unions are seen in France as the bulwark and defender […]

Lawful Industrial Action Bill in danger of being lost because of absentee MPs

by Jon Lansman.

The Lawful Industrial Action Bill introduced by John McDonnell could be talked out on Friday by Tory wreckers — if there aren’t 100 MPs voting “Aye” (plus two tellers) when a vote is called at 1pm, the bill will fall. With only two days to go, there’s no time to lose in making sure your […]

Support Fairness At Work – Lobby Your MP Now!

by Jon Lansman.

The Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill has been introduced in response to the raft of court cases brought against unions whose members had voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action. John McDonnell MP has been drawn in the Private Members Bill ballot and is campaigning to repeal part of the anti-trade union laws which […]

Towards an inclusive Labour Party

by Jon Lansman.

The valid nomination of five candidates including Diane Abbott for the Leadership of the Labour Party should herald a new era for the Labour Party, of diversity and inclusivity. Whilst Labour has been far more diverse than other parties in terms of the number of women and black and minority ethnic people at senior levels, […]

Diane Abbott: extend the deadline to 5:30pm!

by Jon Lansman.

Following John McDonnell’s honorable withdrawal from the Leadership contest, the key issue is whether Diane Abbott has time to gather enough nominations. Harriet Harman’s nomination yesterday, and David Miliband’s statement just now, should make it possible in principle but physically gathering signatures of people who may not even be in the House of Commons and […]

Abbott, McDonnell or neither?

by Jon Lansman.

Only 33 Labour MPs who have nominated no-one for Leader remain. Andy Burnham is now virtually certain to get enough to be on the ballot paper. Time is running out for John and Diane, at least one of whom cannot get onto the ballot paper, to decide who should withdraw. Between them they now have […]

Leadership: Six candidates no longer possible

by Jon Lansman.

It is no longer possible for all six potential Leadership candidates to be on the ballot paper.  Only 47 Labour MPs remain who have not already nominated. Diane Abbott, Andy Burnham and John McDonnell are short of 49 nominees. Included amongst the 47 who have not nominated are MPs who are normally unlikely to nominate, […]

Maximum diversity, maximum choice

by Jon Lansman.

You can make a difference to Labour’s Leadership election.  Whoever you’re thinking of voting for, Labour deserves the widest possible choice. What does it say to Labour voters if we choose from a list of white male Oxbridge graduates? Diversity was hardly a feature of Labour’s election campaign. The brothers Millband are safely there and […]

The Campaign Group – Time to move on?

by Bob Clay.

In the absence of any more helpful website, I turn to Wikipedia to learn the post election strength of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs – the forum in which one might have supposed a left challenge for the Party Leadership would be prepared.

Leadership race – how they measure up

by Mark Seddon.

“New” Labour is over. Even Labour’s leadership hopeful acknowledge the end of an era characterised by a system of “command and control”, once needed, says David Miliband, but no more. Well, that “command and control” system has helped drive out perhaps two thirds of our members, contribute to the loss of 5 million voters and […]

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