Save our NHS!

Disaster-looms-for-NHS_large-e1308062563878The crisis in the NHS has reached a new level in recent weeks, yet Teresa May and Jeremy Hunt are burying their head in the sand, even criticising the Red Cross for declaring a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the NHS, with the Prime Minister saying the claims were “irresponsible.”

As Labour activists, we need to be clear that this Government has helped to create the crisis in the NHS, which is facing the biggest financial squeeze in its history, and by 2018 NHS spending per head will be falling. Continue reading

Labour Assembly Against Austerity welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election

13087360_1086086401456278_2645037141153525946_nLabour Assembly Against Austerity, September 24 2016

Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour Leadership election today, Lucy Anderson MEP, Vice-Chair of the Labour Assembly Against Austerity said:

“The Labour Assembly Against Austerity welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour leader, staking out how a Labour government would deliver a £500bn public investment programme to build our infrastructure, manufacturing, and new industries of the future, moving us to a low carbon economy, delivering good jobs and tackling the housing crisis. This is the credible – and transformative – economic strategy that Labour needs for General Election victory and will raise living standards in Britain.”

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Austerity means wealth redistribution to the top and a shrinking state

laaa-tall-smallWithin 72 hours of the Tories forming a majority in Parliament it became crystal clear they were salivating at the opportunity to further impose their political austerity agenda for another five years.

Attacks on freedom of speech, protest, the Human Rights Act and the right to strike and our trade unions through the Trade Union Bill came swiftly. The Trade Union Bill includes wide ranging measures that will constrain trade unions and working people organising collectively – the bill is a threat to all our rights at work. It places extreme and severe restrictions on the right to strike, measures to curtail the facility time that can be agreed with employers and vindictive plans to stop the easy collection of subscriptions (‘check-off’) in the public sector and limit trade unions’ ability to campaign politically. Continue reading

We should stand up to anti-migrant rhetoric by fighting for homes, jobs and services

14David Cameron’s net migration target has been exposed as an unworkable policy. In reality, it is classic scapegoating tactics, being used to distract people from the effects of government spending cuts, such as the crisis in the NHS and the increasing unaffordability of housing. All the Tories have to offer is yet more destructive cuts. Labour needs to offer both a progressive alternative and reject those who would seek to divide us.

As part of our alternative we need to fight for homes, schools and the NHS for all. We also need to stand together and stand up to the Tory efforts to pin their own economic failures on immigrants who make a great contribution to our economy, our cultural diversity and the richness of our society – without immigrants Britain would not have an NHS. The immigration mugs of the last election were a disaster, and should never be repeated. Continue reading