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Ann Black’s report from Labour’s February special executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 4 February 2014 This meeting was called to agree the proposals for party reform which will go to the special conference on 1 March.  The paper before us was labelled Draft 18, and someday I would love to follow its evolution through the previous 17 drafts.  The final version, after amendment by […]

If Chuka Umunna shows contempt for unions, who’ll represent the interests of Labour?

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday on Andrew Neil’s Sunday Politics (viewable for  just 6 days), in response to the suggestion that union influence was not really being cut, Chuka Umunna demonstrated little understanding of (and even less respect for) the collective decision-making structures of trade unions. Whilst claiming to “show some respect to individual trade union members“, he showed contempt […]

After Collins: how will the unions respond?

by Andy Newman.

There is certainly a plausible argument that Ed Miliband has been one of the most effective leaders of the opposition in modern British history, demonstrating an ability to set the political agenda that exceeds what either Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair achieved from the opposition benches. Miliband has stood up to the power of the […]

Collins Review: Miliband successfully digs himself out of hole. Labour remains in hole

by Jon Lansman.

When I read the email from Ed Miliband to all party members yesterday afternoon, I thought Left Futures should run a competition with a prize for the first person who could identify ‘Paul’, the possibly mythical figure who it is said has joined the Labour Party because of the ‘reforms’ now backed by Labour’s national executive: I […]

Seven reasons to be wary of the Collins proposals

by Jon Lansman.

The so-called debate on Ed Miliband’s proposals for party reform are at an end, it seems. The Collins report has been circulated toLabour’s national executive whose members have, on the whole, had no influence whatever on its content just in time for their endorsement tomorrow. The report makes no attempt to summarise party members’ opinions […]

Party reform explained. Or why sack anyone who suggests a Clause IV moment

by Jon Lansman.

Labour’s national executive committee meet next Tuesday to consider the Collins review of the party structure. Time has therefore run out to decide what is to be done to get Ed off the hook for the ill-thought through and ill-advised speech he made last summer after he’d had a pasting at PMQs and wanted to avoid […]

Labour at the crossroads: what the members think

by Ann Black.

Consultation on Ray Collins’ interim report closed at Christmas. Since then, media stories suggest that any reforms will be negotiated between the leader and the unions, with members and their representatives sidelined – not exactly the new politics which Ed Miliband promised. Contributors were told by e-mail that the feedback which Lord Collins receives will […]

So when will the Labour Party apologise to Stevie Deans?

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday, the Scottish police confirmed that they had found “no evidence of any criminality” in their inquiry into the activities of Stevie Deans, who was until three months ago full-time convenor at the Ineos plant at Grangemouth (where he’d worked for 25 years) and Chair of Unite in Scotland as well as the sometime Chair […]

Collins says “consensus is that change is necessary”. Prove it, publish the responses

by Jon Lansman.

Ray Collins, who is leading Labour’s inquiry into the relationship between the party and its affiliated trade unions, clearly takes criticism on board.  Within hours of criticism from LabourList that party members were being left out of the consultation process, he circulated an email to party members thanking them for “hundreds of written submissions” which […]

What Ed Miliband said about party reform on the Marr Show

by Newsdesk.

Ed Miliband told Andrew Marr he was “determined” to push through changes to the Labour Party – trade union link: You’ll have to be a bit patient about the changes that we’re going to be making. Let me tell you where we’ve got to. I want to change the relationship with individual trade unionists in […]

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