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UK Uncut to blockade roads in mass civil disobedience on legal aid cuts

by Newsdesk.

Anti-cuts direct action group UK Uncut have announced that roadblock protests will happen across the country tomorrow in opposition to the government’s proposed changes to legal aid. The government’s reforms have come under increasing criticism, with England’s most senior family judge recently describing them as ‘disconcerting’ and suggesting that ‘something needs to be done’. In […]

Legal aid reform will hit most vulnerable

by Jack Stuchbury.

The legal system of the United Kingdom has for years, been the envy of the world. The equality of law has been a benchmark for countries to aim towards that has entitled every man and woman in our borders to be bound by the same laws, equal representation under the law and the right to […]

One law for the rich, another for the poor – literally

by Michael Meacher.

There is no conceivable justification for slashing £220m from criminal legal aid and removing the defendant’s right to choose a solicitor. None more, at least, than a wilful determination gratuitously to hobble one of the fundamental pillars of the welfare state: equality before the law. This is yet another manifestation of the Tory objective to […]

Privatised probation, legal aid cuts and now titan jails

by Michael Meacher.

Today justice secretary Chris Grayling completes this week’s hatrick of wrong-headed decisions that will set back the justice system for years. First he announced that the MoJ was beginning feasibility work on building a new prison that would hold more than 2,000 prisoners. Jack Straw had the same idea in 2009, but rapidly dropped it […]

Legal aid cuts are crude, insensitive and a false economy

by Michael Meacher.

Of all the crudity and insensitivity of the Tory spending cuts, the proposed cuts to legal aid are among the most unnecessary, harsh and foolish.   Unnecessary because the planned savings of £350m out of a £2bn legal aid budget are just 0.3% of the Tories’ intended elimination of the structural deficit.  

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