Some comradely advice for Andy and Yvette

Labour Leadership Candidates and now they are 4_edited-1In a world that gave us Milifandom, should we be shocked that Jezmania has become a thing, that Camp Corbyn has powered ahead in YouGov’s poll of Labour members? Well, some of us are. And by ‘us’ I mean sections of the Parliamentary Labour Party and self-styled sensible people.

You’ve had ex-Jim Murphy advisor John McTernan castigate Jez supporters as “morons“, to which Margaret Beckett – one of Jeremy’s PLP “enablers” – labelled herself as such for allowing him on the ballot paper. That’s not likely to go down well in Derby South CLP, who just so happened to nominate Jeremy too. And then we’ve had Tony Blair chime in with yet another of his frequent “infrequent” interventions. Out came the same old on the centre ground showing scant awareness that its time as a meaningful filter for understanding politics is long gone, and warnings about comfort zones and the like. All ammo for the Corbyn tommy gun, if you ask me. Continue reading