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When are banksters going to be punished?

by Michael Meacher.

Peter Cummings (you won’t have heard of him – that’s the point) is, singled out alone, taking the rap for the misdeeds of the whole banking class and their behaviour, arrogant and reckless at worst and severely negligent at the very least, which has impoverished the great majority of British people (virtually everybody except themselves) for the […]

Why are the Tories so coy about a judge-led inquiry?

by Michael Meacher.

Parliament was at its worst yesterday. The mud wrestlers Osborne and Balls were so dementedly determined to lay toxic blame on each other for the shocking LIBOR scandal that the City escaped with hardly a bruise to its name. The difference between a judge-led inquiry and a special parliamentary select committee inquiry is not that […]

Bank inquiry could open up secret Tory-City deals which threaten government

by Michael Meacher.

So why are the Tories so determined to block a proper judge-led inquiry into the whole corrupt culture of banking which is so obviously needed? Their only argument is the need for speed to deal with the shocking LIBOR revelations. Ed Miliband yesterday at PMQs neatly overturned that argument by saying that a judge-led inquiry […]

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