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The ‘Super Thursday’ elections and their significance for Labour

by Peter Rowlands.

It would be foolhardy to suggest that Sadiq Khan’s enormous victory in the London mayoral elections meant that Labour would win in 2020, and no sensible commentator has done so, but Corbyn’s detractors have used selected information in a similar way to prove the opposite. They know they are being dishonest, but they don’t care […]

The Beckett report, polls and the Left

by Peter Rowlands.

On two related issues, the Beckett Report and Labour’s overall level of support, there has not been a sufficiently robust response from the left. On Beckett there would appear to be general agreement that the failure to even attempt to dispel the myth that Labour was responsible for the 2008 crash because of over expenditure rather […]

What will the local elections mean for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Is it too early to write about this? Seeing as everyone is talking about how this year’s contest is a test for Jeremy, I’d like to briefly visit three push-me-pull-you factors that could have an impact. Local elections, local politics In the equivalent elections in 2012, we were just coming off the back of Osborne’s […]

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