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Academies and Free Schools – A failed experiment in education

by Naomi Fearon.

As of June 2015 there are over four thousand academies in England. Originally introduced by New Labour back in 2000 in order to support failing schools in socially deprived areas, academies have long since remained a controversial topic. Touted by governments as the miraculous magic answer to improving standards and loathed quite rightly by teaching […]

Left Futures and the Manchester Central by-election: an apology

by Jon Lansman.

Earlier today we published an article by Kate Hudson, Respect candidate in the Manchester Central by-election, entitled The unrepresented working class: a space Respect can fill! (now available here). Whilst Left Futures firmly believes that “the Left’s future remains inextricably linked with that of the Labour Party” (as set out in our mission statement), this […]

Manchester Central shortlist announced

by Jon Lansman.

Eight potential candidates were interviewed today for the Manchester Central by-election following the selection of Tony Lloyd (unopposed) as Labour candidate for Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner. Not an all-woman shortlist, it turns out, and not as numerous as it could have been – just two women and two men.

Manchester Central parliamentary selection opens

by Jon Lansman.

Tony Lloyd MP has been selected (unopposed) as Labour candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Manchester. In order to contest this election in November, he will be stepping down as MP for Manchester Central which had a 10,430 majority at the last general election. Tony was a Minister in the early years of the Blair […]

Leader’s office oversteps mark with Labour Party HQ

by Jon Lansman.

(see also update here) When the Labour Party announced the appointments to its new executive board last Friday, it appeared that elements in the leader’s office were trying to take over the running of the party machine. The new board was to have consisted of six new posts plus the general secretary. Two of those plus […]

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