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Hedge fund control of Co-op Bank & Royal Mail should never be allowed to happen

by Michael Meacher.

On Tuesday two US hedge funds took control of the Co-operative Bank and in effect ended its 170-year history as Britain’s largest mutual. Yesterday an aggressive hedge fund, deceptively entitled The Children’s Investment (TCI) Fund, acquired the largest stake behind the government in the Royal Mail. It is led by a man known for his […]

The Free Market, the Monopolistic Market, and the Inclusive Market

by Carl Packman.

The Liberals wanted to form a coalition government. Remember that. I’m talking of course about the Liberals in the 1981 SDP-Liberal Alliance under the leadership of David Steel. It was that year he told delegates “go back to your constituencies and prepare for government.” Then the Falklands war happened, and the rest is history. During […]

Labour’s national mission

by Michael Meacher.

Ed Miliband is right to assert in today’s Guardian that Labour needs to set out a clear national mission. There has been a lot of talk recently about a new ideological vision to win back the five million votes lost between 1997-2010. Some on the conservative Right, like Blue Labour with its emphasis on family, […]

The “National Interest”

by Mike Marqusee.

In the wake of Britain’s inconclusive general election, there is much talk of the “national interest”. It’s said that politicians of all parties have to pull together to address the crisis caused by the country’s enlarged fiscal deficit. Specifically, they must agree to a package of deep cuts in public spending. Nothing, it is said, […]

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