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Time to move on from the 1980s, Lord Hattersley

by David Osland.

If I were official keeper of the Croslandite flame, easily the most renowned contemporary advocate of that standpoint, I’d be humble enough to ponder why my preferred brand of politics carried such little traction in Britain in 2017. As a serious partisan of social democracy, I would ask why ideas of the stripe that until […]

Momentum builds foundations for a Labour victory, but you can’t please everyone

by Jon Lansman.

After months of working without a proper governance structure, it was a relief when on Saturday the first meeting of Momentum’s newly inaugurated National Committee, drawing delegates from across the country and trade unions, the Labour-supporting campaigning movement agreed on a governance structure. It also affirmed its determination to see Jeremy Corbyn elected Prime Minister […]

The return of Degsy – welcome or not

by Jon Lansman.

So Degsy’s back, for now. Deejays, aka Derek Hatton, was always a bit brash so re-joining Labour 30 or so years after being expelled would not be something he’d want to do quietly. So even though he says “I just want to be a party member…. I have no intention of being a main player. […]

Labour v the Militant tendency (as seen on TV, not for the faint-hearted)

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The past really is a foreign country. Can you imagine if the BBC or ITV ponied up to Labour Party conference and asked to transmit a live debate between Progress and the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy? It’s unthinkable. Yet, in 1982 something similar did happen. At the year’s party conference in Blackpool, the right […]

Not all Clause IV moments lead to victory

by Andy Newman.

Writing in yesterday’s Financial Times, George Parker and Jim Pickard, give expression to the popular idea that Ed Miliband’s confrontation with the unions provides him with the opportunity for a “Clause IV moment”, defining his independence as a potential prime minister from the legacy of labourism.

Welcome to the Blairite Party-within-a-party

by Jon Lansman.

This weekend, in the sumptuous surroundings of a Jacobean-style Victorian country mansion in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside, New Labour enthusiasts gather for a weekend “political school“.  At £175 including overnight accommodation, two lunches, dinner, breakfast and refreshments, it’s a snip thanks to the generous sponsorship of Bell Pottinger, founded by Maggie’s favourite Ad man, and […]

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