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Time to move on from the 1980s, Lord Hattersley

by David Osland.

If I were official keeper of the Croslandite flame, easily the most renowned contemporary advocate of that standpoint, I’d be humble enough to ponder why my preferred brand of politics carried such little traction in Britain in 2017. As a serious partisan of social democracy, I would ask why ideas of the stripe that until […]

Disband Momentum? Alan Johnson is as forgetful as he is hypocritical

by James Elliott.

Despite now being out of Parliament, Alan Johnson doesn’t seem to want to stay out of politics. This weekend he made a typically unastute intervention into Labour’s post-election debate, saying, “Momentum, by now, should have disbanded. Jeremy Corbyn by now is very safe”, and that, “I don’t see the point of a separate organisation which […]

The world of skulduggery, smears and secret plots

by Len McCluskey.

For the last three months I have been touring the country meeting working men and women as I campaign to be re-elected as Unite’s General Secretary. I have been listening to their hopes and fears in the factories, bus garages, building sites and hospitals. They are worried about their jobs above all, about Theresa May’s […]

Left Futures recommends the following candidates in Momentum’s elections

by James Elliott.

Under Momentum’s new constitution, members have the opportunity to elect twelve people to the National Coordinating Group to represent them. Left Futures is supporting the following candidates in these elections, and encourages all those who are also interested in moving on from internal disputes, building Momentum up to take on the Tories and transform the […]

What kind of Momentum conference?

by Mike Phipps.

Momentum, the organisation created to advance Corbynista ideas within the labour movement and beyond, presents a tremendous opportunity. With 20,000 members, it provides a framework for organising discussions and activity that can take socialist ideas to a far wider audience than has been possible for generations. Yet, reading the left media, a huge amount of […]

Members can vote for what ever kind of Momentum they want

by Christine Shawcroft.

The “Corbyn surge” which first began in summer 2015 was made up of people, inside the Labour Party and outside it, who wanted a new kind of politics and recognised that Jeremy embodied it. Most of them were happy to join, or rejoin the Party, but they also wanted more – a social movement which […]

The left must encourage people into unions – not work against their leaderships

by Andy Newman.

There is an unfortunate tendency for articles nowadays to have sensationalist “click-bait” headlines, but by any standards the aggressive spin put on Michael Chessum’s latest piece in the New Statesman is highly unfortunate. The headline screams “It’s time for Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters to take on the trade union leadership”. Nothing could be more counterproductive than seeking […]

Momentum’s birthday marks a successful year. But what happens next?

by James Elliott.

This weekend, Momentum celebrated its first birthday, bringing to an end a year in which the organisation has left a mark on British politics despite being continually undermined and smeared by the press, the government and frequently some in the Labour Party too.

Momentum builds foundations for a Labour victory, but you can’t please everyone

by Jon Lansman.

After months of working without a proper governance structure, it was a relief when on Saturday the first meeting of Momentum’s newly inaugurated National Committee, drawing delegates from across the country and trade unions, the Labour-supporting campaigning movement agreed on a governance structure. It also affirmed its determination to see Jeremy Corbyn elected Prime Minister […]

Advice for “bullied” MPs: stop moaning

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I’ve bullied an MP. In the Autumn of 1997, a small group of annoyed students gathered on the steps of Hanley town hall to shout at then honourable member for Stoke-on-Trent Central, Mark Fisher, as he gave a constituency surgery. This was a few months after our shiny New Labour government announced the abolition of […]

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