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French elections – more bad news than good?

by Tom Gill.

First the good news. The Right is not only out of the Elysee Palace but it is on course to have lost control of parliament too. And in its place is probably the most progressive of social democrat parties in Europe today. The Socialists’ programme includes boosting industrial investment, youth employment and teacher numbers, hiking […]

Blair endorsed Sarkozy in campaign video

by Jon Lansman.

Even for those of us who regard Tony Blair as essentially a Tory in our ranks, it may come as a surprise to see that he actually endorsed Nicolas Sarkozy in a campaign video. Blair’s contribution starts 1:18 into the film.

The French goose and the Greek gander

by Ann Pettifor.

Inside the Eurozone, what’s good for the French democratic Goose it appears, is not necessarily applicable to the Greek democratic gander…. From the Financial Times of 13 February, 2012:

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