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Blair endorsed Sarkozy in campaign video

Even for those of us who regard Tony Blair as essentially a Tory in our ranks, it may come as a surprise to see that he actually endorsed Nicolas Sarkozy in a campaign video. Blair’s contribution starts 1:18 into the film.

UPDATE: I am grateful to Alex White, an English/Politics student at University of Kent and “indefatigable Blairite” for pointing out that the footage is actually a re-edited version of a film Blair originally made in 2007 to congratulate Sarkozy, a man Blair says he truly admires. We look forward to hearing Blair’s justification for giving permission to M. Sarkozy to use this film in his campaign video released on YouTube last Thursday; or alternatively his denunciation of its misuse.


  1. Nicholas says:


    Nicolas is someone with whom I have had a chance to work with numerous times. Whom I admire of course. An immense task awaits him but I know he has the energy and the vision necessary to deal with it successfully

  2. LabourBoy says:

    Instead of an apology they insist and presume that Blair permitted it. Weird. Just accept you were wrong and that Blair backed Francois Hollande, despite disagreeing with his tax policies.

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