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UNISON calls for Libya ceasefire

by Andy Newman.

UNISON has now joined UNITE in calling for an end to NATO bombing of Libya. A statement issued yesterday from the union’s ruling body – its National Executive Council – said: the record of the Gaddafi regime and the serious concerns over the safety of civilians in the areas of Libya that supported the revolt […]

Above all, Labour should refuse bipartisan support for Tories on Libya (UPDATED)

by Jon Lansman.

Libya posed a real dilemma for Labour and the Left. On one hand, we want to support the Libyan revolution, to offer any possible protection to the civilian population and are bound therefore to be sympathetic to much if not all of the UN Security Council resolution, as Darrell Goodliffe argued here. On the other, with […]

The case against bombing Libya

by Owen Jones.

The Arab Spring has given way to a cold snap: Tiananmen Square-style massacres of protesters in Yemen, the Saudi invasion of Bahrain and full-blown Western intervention in Libya. Of course, it was never going to be easy. The Middle East is the most strategically important region on Earth, and also boasts the biggest concentration of brutal dictatorships: […]

Averting a Guernica in Libya

by Mark Seddon.

There are already some on the Left who are arguing against military intervention – in the form of a no fly zone – over Libya. The argument has merit on the grounds of consistency, and probably, although it is not being advanced, on grounds of practicality. This will be a difficult military operation to mount. […]

No-fly zone: where will it lead?

by Michael Meacher.

Stopping a charnel house of slaughter if Gaddafi had re-taken Benghazi is a legitimate objective for imposing a no-fly zone provided it has been sanctioned by the UN Security Council, and especially in this case if it is supported by the Arab League. Now that that has been achieved however, the risks multiply. With Libya […]

Reasons to support UN Resolution on Libya

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Today’s events have thus far stood as a shining testament to the lack of any kind of intellectual or moral coherency on the left. I support UN Resolution 1973 (2011) and this is why. First, let’s clear away all the caveats; of course, there is a degree of hypocrisy here.  However, we should always remember that […]

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