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Labour Students and the cause of free education

by James Elliott.

NUS Conference 2014 was one of the most leftwing conferences in years, passing a string of radical policies of default support for staff strikes, campaigns for a 5:1 pay ratio, a legal fund for victimised student activists and of course, free education. The graduate tax had become a soft compromise option for many in Labour, […]

A feminist in support of OMOV for Labour Students elections

by Marian Craig.

This weekend, I was a first-time delegate to the national council of Labour Students, an organisation I have been a member of for two years. One of the main debates of the weekend was moving to a system of “one member one vote” (OMOV) for Labour Students elections. It is my intention to report the facts […]

Labour Students: “inward-looking”, “exclusive” and “undemocratic”

by Keith Wright.

An active university Labour club has accused the National Organisation of Labour Students (NOLS) of being “inward-looking”, “exclusive” and “wilfully undemocratic”. In a damning and revelatory letter, Cambridge Universities Labour Club has explained its reasons for disaffiliating from the national organisation.

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