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The special relationship – what’s a new missile system between friends

by Kate Hudson.

In a globalised, increasingly multi-polar world, the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK might be expected to diminish, as twenty-first century reality supersedes Cold War imperatives. Nothing of the sort, it seems, when it comes to nuclear weapons. In 1958 the US and UK signed the ‘Agreement between the UK and the USA for […]

Korean Nuclear Crisis – time for Labour to call for dialogue to stop nuclear proliferation

by Jenny Clegg.

With tensions escalating on the Korean peninsula in what is possibly the most serious nuclear crisis since that over the Cuban missiles in 1962, PM David Cameron’s assertion that Britain’s possession of nuclear weapons ‘was necessary’, was not merely opportunistic and hypocritical but utterly dangerous. Whilst other world leaders ­ Ban Ki-moon, the Russian and […]

Cut Trident, not jobs, homes, and health

by Jeremy Corbyn.

This afternoon, the House of Commons debates Britain’s nuclear deterrent: Jeremy Corbyn puts the case against the replacement of Trident in the context of austerity. An incoming Labour government will be faced with massive expectations and demands of jobs for young people, increased health expenditure, huge demands on the benefits budget, student fees, and infrastructure […]

Labour must reject Trident

by Michael Meacher.

Hammond’s jumping the gun by pledging a £350m contract to signal the Tories’ embrace of a Trident replacement should be met by a resolute pronouncement from Labour that neither the arguments nor the figures stand up to any serious scrutiny. At the present time the biggest danger we face is the threat of terrorism on our […]

Iran and the bomb: containment is an option

by David Osler.

Benjamin Netanyahu is not much given to obfuscation. His speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Monday night made it quite clear to Tehran – and anyone else listening in – that he will do whatever it takes to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. Despite the carefully inserted disclaimers, numerous passages can only […]

Why this demonising and continuing provocation of Iran?

by Michael Meacher.

Another Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated yesterday by a magnetic bomb placed on his car, the fifth such incident in the last 2 years. This part of a covert war with Iran now under way including: (1) cyber warfare (the Stuxnet virus that shut down a fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges); (2) the killing of […]

Is Iran leading Israel into a trap?

by Mark Seddon.

A thought occurred to me last night as I watched BBC Diplomatic Correspondent, Mark Urban, on Newsnight.  And it was that perhaps Iran is egging Israel on to attack her nuclear facilities? Urban’s report focussed on Iran’s big nuclear build out, and the fact that much of the new processing plant is now buried underground, […]

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