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Australia’s UKIP and the many incarnations of ‘One Nation’

by David Osler.

Not the least unfortunate precedent for Ed Miliband’s current attempt to rebrand Labour is the sorry saga of a 1990s wingnut populist outfit that also went by the moniker of One Nation. Its leader, a bigot called Pauline Hanson, occupied what was once a safe Labor seat during her thankfully brief spell in the Australian […]

The boos won’t help, but Ed is wrong, wrong, wrong on austerity

by Jon Lansman.

Standing twenty metres from Ed Miliband during his speech in Hyde Park on Saturday, the crowd around me clapped and cheered loudly, as I did, when he referred to “a Chancellor of the Exchequer who tries to travel first class on a standard class ticket“. Again, louder still when he attacked the “incompetent, hopeless, u-turning, pledge-breaking, […]

Ed’s ‘One Nation’ must be built on working people’s terms

by Dominic Curran.

Ed Miliband’s speech to conference this year was excellent. Following on from his speech in Liverpool last year he put yet more distance between himself and New Labour with a commitment to building a fairer Britain and challenging the laissez-faire and indeed “intensely relaxed” attitude to inequality of the Blair years.

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