Perfidious Albion

PSNI-badgeThe decision by Drew Harris, the Assistant Chief Constable of the PSNI, not to investigate killings carried out by the secret British Army Military Reaction Force (MRF) of the early 1970s will surprise few within the nationalist community.

The MRF was the subject of a BBC programme last year. In it members of that clandestine force boasted of their activities. The MRF was particularly noted for carrying out drive-by shootings in which civilians were targeted. Pat McVeigh and Daniel Rooney were two of its victims. There were others.

At that time it was widely believed that these attacks were the work of unionist death squads but now we know that British soldiers, working to a strategy to heighten sectarian fears, were responsible. Continue reading

Pat Finucane: 25 years later the search for truth continues

Patrick FinucaneThe story of Pat Finucane has been told and retold many times. He was one of almost 4,000 citizens to die as a result of the war in the north. Pat was also one of hundreds, perhaps over a thousand, to die as a consequence of state sponsored collusion between British state forces and unionist death squads.

These deaths were not the result of ‘bad apples’ or ‘rogue elements’. Collusion was a matter of institutional British government policy. It was part and parcel of Britain’s political and military strategy in the six counties. Continue reading

Finucane: only a public enquiry will yield the full truth

The report of Sir Desmond de Silva contains important new information, but it is not the whole truth about Pat Finucane’s murder in 1989. That still requires the exhaustive, independent investigation of a fully equipped public inquiry.

Whilst Cameron certainly admitted to ‘shocking’ official ‘collusion’ by the British State in a terrible killing, it is still far from clear how far up the line of establishment responsibility this collusion went. De Silva notes that the Force Research Unit (FRU) handlers of Brian Nelson, the intelligence officer of the loyalist UDA, gave him information that was later used for targeted killings.

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Full public inquiry needed into Finucane murder and state collusion

Sinn Féin West Belfast MP, Paul Maskey, after having sight of the de Silva Report into the murder of Belfast Solicitor Pat Finucane, said that its conclusions only serve to reinforce the need for a full Independent Public Inquiry. Paul Maskey said:

We fully support the demand by Geraldine Finucane, Pat’s widow and her family for a full Independent Public Inquiry into Pat’s murder. The revelations in the de Silva Report released today only serve to reinforce that position.” Continue reading