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Blairites party with Murdochs, 24 hours before Milly Dowler story broke

by Jon Lansman.

After Ed Miliband’s most successful week as Labour leader in which his bold and forceful stance against corrupt and depraved practices has brought the Murdoch empire to its knees, the Blairites, always too fond of fraternising with the rich and famous, have put those efforts in jeopardy. According to the Mail on Sunday, only 24 […]

Miliband speech: conflating the incomparable

by David Osler.

Maybe Ed Miliband’s inner social democrat thinks that it is clever politics to combine a spot of banker bashing with a ritual middle market tabloid-style denunciation of dole scroungers. After all, you would probably have to go back well before 1994 to find a speech from a Labour leader as openly critical of the City […]

Could Labour have won in 2010?

by Andy Newman.

In the final days of last year’s general election campaign, Gordon Brown visited Skelmersdale, to a raw emotional reception. This was an election where Labour was too slow to realise that working class memories of what a Tory government is like were strong. Polly Toynbee, to her credit, did pick up that it was different from politics as usual, and […]

Mandelson (and Blair) represent Labour’s past and Labour’s defeat

by Jon Lansman.

Peter Mandelson says he is loyal to Ed Miliband; he has a funny way of showing it. The extracts from the new chapter of the paperback edition of his book, The Third Man, published on Labour Uncut and Labour List, provide much ammunition for the Tories. Labour’s leadership election rules, for example, Mandelson claims gave a […]

Wanted: A (new) Labour General Secretary

by Mark Seddon.

Labour’s new leader has been in office barely two months, yet this hasn’t stopped a motley collection of ex Ministers, frustrated David Miliband supporters and it would seem some party officials, from moaning in the ear of one Dan Hodges, who last week launched into print in the New Statesman, giving vent to their – […]

Mandy’s angry, says Mail

by Jon Lansman.

The Dark Lord is still seething, it is said, from Ed Miliband’s response when asked if he would give Lord Mandelson a job. “All of us believe in dignity in retirement,” he replied. The anger is obvious in today’s Mail on Sunday, in which he says he “will be loyal to Ed Miliband” but is […]

Lord Mandelson is out of luck

by Jon Lansman.

Readers will, no doubt be sorry to learn of an unfortunate threat to Lord Mandelson’s well-being. The annual “allowance” of £103,200 which he receives each year as a former European Commissioner (a post he held for three years) is under threat. It seems that he may earn more than that figure in royalties from his book The Third […]

The Blairites are really rattled

by Michael Meacher.

So Blair, possibly the most unpopular man in British politics, and Mandelson, the second most detested man, think Ed Miliband would be a ‘disaster’.   It takes some gall for the architects of Labour’s ruin to think they have any right to give us lessons on Labour’s prospects when their own record was – well, disastrous.  

Time to Banish the Prince of Darkness

by Mark Seddon.

Self serving, egotistical and narcissistic. These epithets accurately describe the personality and motivations of former UK Business Secretary, former Northern Ireland Secretary and former Industry Secretary, Lord Peter Mandelson. Which is why it has been such a relief not to see him on our television screens, these last few weeks. But even now, stretching out […]

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