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Can Mandelson actively advocating ousting the new leader remain a Labour member?

by Michael Meacher.

It is one thing for those who opposed the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader to make their concerns and objections known and to argue for them within the Big Tent which is the Labour Party. It is quite another thing, when a new leader has just been elected with 60% of the vote (higher […]

The way forward for Labour (in response to Lord Mandelson)

by Bryan Gould.

We have the benefit – courtesy of the Guardian – of the advice offered by one of the Labour Party’s grandees as to the response that should be made to the calamity that has apparently now befallen the Party. That calamity is of course the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Lord Mandelson, we are told, has […]

Poll: Blair & Mandelson lead the race to the bottom (in popularity of retired politicians)

by Jon Lansman.

Ten days ago, Tony Blair offered to do “what it takes to help Ed Miliband win general election“. Michael Meacher on this site said thanks but we’d be better off without it. Today, a poll carried out by YouGov for the Times confirmed that he’s right. Asked about a number of retired politicians, Tony Blair and Peter […]

Chuka Umunna takes on the Blair mantle

by Jon Lansman.

Most newspapers and the BBC this morning carried a story based an in interview with Chuka Umunna in GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) – “Brown ‘cuts’ denials hurt Labour’s credibility” as BBC News put it. As I write this, the issue of GQ is not yet out (as I embarrassingly discovered after wasting £2.50 on the September issue) […]

Beware the coming together of Mandy and Balls

by Jon Lansman.

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble. The coming together of Peter Mandelson and Ed Balls is portentous of something afoot. Even for Mandy to be asked to fundraise for Balls sends a chill across the Westminster bubble. In Mandy’s words: Weren’t we the commanders-in-chief in the battle between the TBs and GBs for […]

Why the Blairites are wrong about Ed’s energy freeze

by Michael Meacher.

The great thing about Peter Mandelson is that he constantly gives one confidence in one’s own views when one finds he’s on the other side. This is scarcely surprising when his philosophy (‘New Labour is studiously relaxed about people becoming filthy rich’) and his methods (briefing dirt and lies to the press about anyone he […]

The Blairites: strong, arrogant and oblivious to the wishes of Labour members

by Jon Lansman.

There is no doubt that the Blairites have had a rough few years. As they see it, Brown, the Pretender who hated the Great Leader, undermined him and forced him out. No sooner had the usurper stolen the Great Leader’s job, than he demonstrated that he wasn’t capable of doing it himself, didn’t really believe in ‘reforming’ public […]

The Blairite plot to discredit unions in general and Len McCluskey in particular

by Jon Lansman.

The contents of the secret report into what happened in Falkirk have now been revealed. Seumas Milne in the Guardian comments that “given the thin gruel offered up by way of evidence” it’s not hard to see why it hasn’t been published. Nevertheless, the report does find that Unite is not directly responsible for what […]

The Wilderness Years

by Jon Lansman.

If you haven’t seen The Wilderness Years, a BBC series of four hour-long documentaries broadcast in 1995,  it’s well worth watching – and you can by following the links below. Documenting the period of Labour’s history from losing the 1979 election to the election of Blair as Labour’s Leader, it relies entirely on archive footage […]

Mandelson – Wanker (the sequel)

by Jon Lansman.

Hannah Rothschild’s first screenplay was entitled Wanker, which was the story of a student sperm donor whose progeny tried to find their father — the rights were bought by Ridley Scott. As a director, her latest documentary is Mandelson: The Real PM? If you missed it when it was broadcast last November on the BBC, you […]

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