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NEC elections: nominations show a shift to the left

by Jon Lansman.

The close of nominations for candidates for election to Labour’s national executive revealed that the Left has improved its position compared with two years ago, although fewer nominations were received – 1377 altogether from 288 constituency parties (CLPs) compared with 2105 from 431 CLPs in 2012.  Overall, candidates backed by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) again […]

It’s time to scrap pairing

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

How to make a good thing backfire in a few easy steps. Most Labour Party people and a wavering chunk of the British public think the bedroom tax is as punitive as it is useless. Even those softened up by decades of relentless benefit-bashing and support it would at least expect Labour to be opposed to it, even […]

Labour MPs have chance to decide policy on Syria

by Jon Lansman.

An emergency meeting of the parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) has been called at 12:30pm tomorrow to discuss Syria following an appeal to its Chair, David Watts, by Michael Meacher MP “in order that the range and depth of feeling in the PLP can be registered before any final decisions are taken both as to the […]

Progress, class and parliamentary selections

by Ken Livingstone.

I am one of those who wants to see more working class people – and a bigger range of people generally – active in the highest levels of politics. So I welcome the emphasis the party is placing on broadening the social composition of parliament. That process is certainly not going to be resolved across the […]

Paul Kenny on influence of Progress and the need for more working class MPs

by Newsdesk.

Paul Kenny talks a great deal of sense about Labour’s lowest ever level of working class representation and how the targetting of parliamentary seats by Progress with “outside money” obstructs working class representation and promotes privatisation.

Seize the opportunity to reshape Labour in Parliament

by Jon Lansman.

The abandonment by Nick Clegg of the boundary change package as a response to its rejection by Tory MPs is an opportunity. The boost to Labour’s electoral prospects is only slight and not the point. The survival of the unelected House of Lords is temporary and the proposed manner of reform was in any event […]

Working class heroes: a Labour MP is something to be

by David Osler.

Labour, the Times reports this morning, is on the lookout for more working class MPs. Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett – whose parents’ occupation is not listed in standard sources (though he was himself a plumber before he was a full-time politician) – is in charge of a programme expressly designed to get more proletarians into […]

Election result for backbench MP reps on Labour executive

by Jon Lansman.

The result of the election of representatives of backbench members of Parliament and MEPs has been announced (though without voting figures). Sitting members Margaret Beckett and Dennis Skinner were returned together with Steve Rotherham, MP for Liverpool Walton and a former Lord Mayor of Liverpool, who replaces Michael Cashman MEP, former Eastenders star and current Chair […]

Who will be new chair of Labour in Parliament?

by Jon Lansman.

As Tony Lloyd has decided to stand to be Labour’s candidate for Manchester Police Commissioner, the position of chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) will shortly be up for grabs. Tony Lloyd has said he’ll resign as PLP chair to campaign for the selection though he will also have to resign his seat once […]

The real test of Ed’s commitment to democracy is on reform of the wider party

by Jon Lansman.

Labour MPs have voted today to back Ed Miliband in abolishing shadow cabinet elections, with 196 (76%, or 83% of those voting) in favour, 41 against and 20 not voting. Last September the same PLP had rejected the same proposal and, instead, voted to elect the Chief Whip for the first time (although in the […]

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