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Labour’s Policy-Making Process

by Peter Rowlands.

Except for the brief period between the final determination of the manifesto and the election at which it is aimed, policy making is always ‘work in progress’, formally reflecting the work of the Policy Commissions and the National Policy Forum (NPF), but in practice including the continuation of past policy (as with Trident, of which […]

Centralisation versus democracy: Labour’s national executive makes its choice

by Jon Lansman.

This afternoon, Labour’s national executive (NEC) will discuss under the rather dull heading “NEC Terms of Reference and Committees” an important matter: how much power should lie with its grassroots members. Most NEC members understand that what the rulebook says about the primary purpose of the NEC being to “provide a strategic direction for the party” […]

The gnashing of Blairite teeth

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

If since midday you’ve been plagued by that irritating background noise is, here’s what it is: the gnashing of Blairist teeth to the news that Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign saw him lifted onto the Labour leadership shortlist. Those MPs who nominated him but are quite clear they do not support his pitch deserve a congratulatory pint. […]

The People’s Policy Forum: a different sort of politics? Only if the people engage…

by Mick Archer.

Mick Archer was at the People’s Policy Forum in Birmingham last Saturday. “This is the time, this is the day we’ve been waiting for…” The chorus of Shine by Shannon Noll fades and Ed Miliband strides confidently on to the stage. Around him sit 1,000 people who have braved snow and sub-zero temperatures to hear […]

Labour’s policy statements published in secret, members’ opinions suppressed

by Jon Lansman.

The posting, sometime in the past couple of weeks, of the national policy forum annual report on membersnet, Labour members’ private intranet, reveals that little has yet changed in the way Labour makes its policy since the bad old days of New Labour. No press release, no email to members, no reason why anyone would […]

Peter Watt is boring and irrelevant

by Jon Lansman.

According to Peter Watt, a former New Labour General Secretary who writes at Labour Uncut today, “politics is boring and irrelevant“. What he really means is that the politics and concerns of politicians and activists are boring and irrelevant, that is they are out of step with what real people are thinking. This is his […]

Leadership elections are not policy reviews

by Jon Lansman.

Leadership elections are about many things – vision, values, direction, leadership style, and of course policy. Everyone who is interested in politics is, we hope, interested in policy. And, as the Guardian leader rightly says, we stand “in dire need of fresh thinking to challenge failed orthodoxies.” Diane Abbott’s presence in the race electrifies the […]

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