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Why Lord Ashcroft’s polling on Unite is worthless and should be discounted

by Jon Lansman.

Lord Ashcroft published a poll of Unite members yesterday which made uncomfortable reading for Unite’s leadership – “just under half (49%) of Unite members said they would vote Labour in an election tomorrow; 23% would vote Tory,” revealed Lord Ashcroft for example. It also gave some encouragement to Ed Miliband’s plan to restructure the party-union link — […]

Urgent lessons for Labour

by Michael Meacher.

The latest ICM monthly poll showing Labour and the Tories level-pegging at 36%, largely because of the collapse of the UKIP vote from 18% in May to just 7% only 2 months later, is a real wake-up call for Labour. The UKIP vote is extremely flaky and volatile, largely used by (but not exclusively) Tory […]

Two Eds and the fallacy of being “tough” – even if it costs more

by Jon Lansman.

This is Ed Miliband’s speech to Labour’s national policy forum in Birmingham on Saturday. You can also read it here. The tough message is because when George Osborne stands up next week and announces his cuts in day to day spending, we won’t be able to promise now to reverse them because we can only […]

The Thatcherite agenda lives on more for Blair than for Britain

by Bryan Gould.

The poll conducted by You-Gov Cambridge and published this week in The Guardian shows that the British are more ready than the Americans, French and Germans to affirm their continued belief in the values of fairness, compassion, and concern for others, and to look to their government to act in line with those values. The […]

Lib Dems face annihilation, says poll

by Jon Lansman.

No, really read on. We mean real annihilation. Although the YouGov poll on the 76 key Lib Dems seats was reported yesterday by the Sun and UK Polling Report, it was overshadowed by another YoGov poll which showed UKIP overtaking the Lib Dems at a national level, and even in its reporting, only the headline figures […]

Sign of Labour recovery in Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

A poll for yesterday’s Scottish Times shows encouraging signs of a Labour recovery in Scotland. Although the Times (and other Scottish news media) lead on the poll’s findings in respect of independence and devolution (anti-independence, pro-devo-max which was also the most popular in a 3-way choice), the poll’s findings on Westminster voting intentions are rather […]

Labour’s standing in the polls is a poor excuse for knocking Ed

by Lee Brown.

Polling evidence does not support the idea that Ed’s time is up. Silly season is normally reserved for the summer. But this year we have also had the Winter version with a torrent of newspaper articles making it clear it that their authors believe that Ed Miliband’s time is up. Pages have been filled undermining Ed, […]

How the Tories see their future

by Jon Lansman.

It is encouraging to see how the Tories see their own future — and it’s not bright. Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home believes that Labour’s position may be weak, but that doesn’t mean that the Tories’ position is strong: “Households are living under the shadow of two great challenges – massive debts and the fast-growing […]

50% Tax rates: what the public think

by Jon Lansman.

Last weekend’s YouGov poll for the Sunday Times reveals what the public think of the 50 tax rate. And readers will be encouraged that roughly half the population — across the voters of all three main parties — think the top rate is about right (although younger people and Londoners are less likely to think […]

Don’t rule out a Lib Dem recovery

by Jon Lansman.

A new poll from the South West shows this week that there’s no room for complacency about an impending rout of the Lib Dems. Labour members rightly despise the Lib Dems for backing a Tory government. Many of their own voters felt the same way, leading to a collapse in Lib Dem support in the polls […]

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