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Beware the Tory sirens

by Michael Meacher.

After Ed Miliband’s barnstorming performance this week, it’s hardly surprising that the Tory hacks are now searching for the next chink in the armour. ‘Ed doesn’t look like or behave like a leader’ now has to be binned. So the next complaint, always presented of course as an invitation to help him, is that he […]

Ed’s ‘One Nation’ must be built on working people’s terms

by Dominic Curran.

Ed Miliband’s speech to conference this year was excellent. Following on from his speech in Liverpool last year he put yet more distance between himself and New Labour with a commitment to building a fairer Britain and challenging the laissez-faire and indeed “intensely relaxed” attitude to inequality of the Blair years.

Minimum wage: a matter of age?

by Megan Davies.

Younger workers, however, have it worst of all. 16 and 17 year olds will see no increase in their meagre minimum wage of £3.68 an hour while 18 to 20 year olds will still be paid only £4.98 per 60 minutes of unrewarding toil.

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