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Why media conglomerates should be broken up

by Michael Meacher.

The hacking trials aren’t even half the issue. The hard, unavoidable fact remains that the power of the Murdoch press – the real unspoken stain behind the Brooks-Coulson trials – is undiminished and has still not been broken. It is best illustrated by the run-up of events to the long-planned Murdoch campaign to take over […]

How far is too far when it comes to the freedom of the press?

by Clive Lewis.

I believe in freedom of the press. It’s a seemingly obvious statement for the vast majority of people in this country. And yet it’s a caveat many opposed to the Paul Dacre and Rupert Murdoch position on press regulation feel compelled to make. Listening to the hysterical reaction of most UK newspapers as regards the […]

Doctors don’t regulate themselves, so why should the press?

by Michael Meacher.

For eight months now the press have been allowed to pursue every finagling twist and turn to avoid being held to account after the horrors of the hacking scandal in the hope that memories of their illegal behaviour will gradually fade and they can then return yet again to business as usual, like the banks. […]

Cameron forced to backtrack over Leveson

by Michael Meacher.

ameron has just, shortly before 1pm today, conceded a deal over the Leveson proposals for press regulation which provides for everything that the Labour & LibDem parties were demanding. He did that, not because he believes it, but because he knew he would lose the vote and will do anything to avoid the humiliation of […]

Leveson should not apply to the not-for-profit blogosphere

by Jon Lansman.

Mark Ferguson raises an important issue which has been neglected in the last minute deal-making and it is important albeit not what most politicians are currently hacked-off about — on the important question of whether the deal meets the requirement of adequate statutory backing see the Spectator or Labour List, although be warned that they […]

Did the Sunday Times want to damage Huhne (& Pryce)?

by Jon Lansman.

Chris Huhne & Vicky Pryce would not be in prison today if the Sunday Times had not handed over information to the Police from a confidential source. Nick Cohen in an excellent piece at the Spectator rightly blames Isabel Oakeshott, its political editor, for breaking journalists’ first law and, he adds, their one moral principle […]

What do we do about the press, not just Murdoch?

by Michael Meacher.

Too much attention has focused on Murdoch’s cussed personality, not enough on what kind of press we want to see in this country. At present there is no nationality requirement for ownership. There is no limit on the share of any media market controleed by any one proprietor. There is no constraint on owners’ power […]

Ryan Giggs, Imogen Thomas and the class politics of celebrity culture

by David Osler.

There were a few years in my life in which I was vaguely interested in the private lives of rock and movie stars. Broadly speaking, I had grown out of that kind of stuff by the time I made it to college. Sometimes I hear tell that friends of mine participate in clandestine relationships with […]

Ed Miliband right to call for press enquiry

by Michael Meacher.

There is a great deal wrong with the press and a Commission of Inquiry into its abuses is long overdue. Nor is it just a matter of the multiple phone hacking scandal, the News International lying about it, the police complicity with the Murdoch organisation in seeking to close down any investigation, and the supine […]

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