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David Miliband’s half million in private earnings: an admission of retirement?

by Keith Wright.

Over the financial year 2011-12, the former foreign secretary earned £446,320.60 in fees alone – for advice, directorships, speeches and lectures. For venture capital firm VantagePoint, he received £92,839.75 – for four-and-a-half days work. For a half day at Indus Basin Holdings, a private Hydroelectric venture on the Indian sub-continent, he took £7,560.85.

The government’s not telling even half the truth about pensions

by Michael Meacher.

Danny Alexander’s line on pensions is simple, clear – and wrong. It is this: public sector pensions are ’unaffordable’, out of synch with private pensions, and have to be ‘reformed’. Payments into pension schemes therefore have to be increased – for teachers, medics and local government workers their contributions could double from next April. The […]

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