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Revolution in Bosnia?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s all kicking off. This from Euronews. Thousands of Bosnians have been demonstrating for a sixth day, calling for the resignation of the government. There have been mass protests in more than 30 cities and the heads of four regional cantons have already resigned. The protests started in the former industrial heartland town of Tuzla after four state-owned […]

Mark Duggan: now there’s no doubt the police are above the law

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Trials or inquests by jury are the most democratic means of bringing a legal process to a conclusion. Recruited from the electoral roll, jurors provide an important corrective to magistrates and judges, who might be hardened by the number of cases that come before them and/or be out of touch with the pace of modern […]

I predict a riot…or not

by David Osler.

BRITONS don’t riot, my friend Nick Cohen famously told the readers of his Observer column a couple of years back. Yet even as the first copies of the paper were hitting the newsstands outside Kings’ Cross, buses were being overturned in Tottenham. Within days, the disturbances had gone nationwide.

Riots: are we serious about dealing with underlying causes before next eruption?

by Michael Meacher.

The report on the riots published by the Riots Communities and Victims Panel is a welcome alternative to the establishment’s atavistic call for revenge in the days and weeks after August last year. It is right to demand that everyone should have a stake in society and at least half a million ‘forgotten families’ who […]

‘We’re All In This Together’

by Owen Jones.

2011 was the year the phoney war ended or – as the kids say these days, so I’m told – shit got real. When queues of anxious customers demanding their money suddenly formed outside Northern Rock over four years ago, it seemed like a slightly surreal – but one-off – disruption to normality, like an […]

Trade unions: the big task ahead in 2012

by Owen Jones.

It was the year that sticking it to the status quo re-entered the mainstream after an all-too-long long hiatus. And yet 2011 showed just how far that resistance remains from mounting a serious challenge to the Tories, let alone giving capitalism much to worry about, four years into its worst crisis since the Great Depression. […]

Docking benefits: the ugly Tory face of retribution is now coming out

by Michael Meacher.

Have they taken leave of their senses? Has their moral compass got jammed? There was always an element within the Tory party which was vindictive, but to punish people twice for the same offence and to dock benefits or tax credits or even evict which affects everyone else in the family (and not just the […]

Family breakdown and the riots

by Owen Jones.

The August riots have left an ugly mood. Communities across England felt besieged and even terrorised by the arson, vandalism and looting. There are worrying signs that right-wingers intend to manipulate people’s understandable fury by pushing a reactionary social agenda, repackaged as “family values” – just as they transformed the crisis of the banks into […]

A dark foreshadow of worse to come

by Owen Jones.

The August riots were, to some degree, a national trauma. For most, they represented a baffling and unexpected disruption to normal life. Thousands felt terrorised in their communities – often in some of the poorest areas in the country; and the disorder provoked an inevitable backlash, boosting support for tough law-and-order policies. Single mums, people […]

Cameron and Blair both muddle-headed on cause of riots

by Michael Meacher.

Well, well, well. Who said “there are deep problems in our society that have been growing for a long time: a decline in responsibility, a rise in selfishness, a growing sense that individual rights come before anything else”? Cameron. And where does he think the selfishness and fixation on individualism came from, if not from […]

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