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Labour still not rising to the challenge over HSBC, Barclays, G4S, FTT

by Michael Meacher.

As the disasters one after another, all interconnected via the underlying neoliberal ideology, betoken a real fin de siecle, Labour is still failing to shoot into a wide open goal.   As HSBC is exposed sitting atop a mountain of corruption which bears comparison with the utterly discredited (and destroyed) BCCI, where is Labour calling for […]

Why are the Tories so coy about a judge-led inquiry?

by Michael Meacher.

Parliament was at its worst yesterday. The mud wrestlers Osborne and Balls were so dementedly determined to lay toxic blame on each other for the shocking LIBOR scandal that the City escaped with hardly a bruise to its name. The difference between a judge-led inquiry and a special parliamentary select committee inquiry is not that […]

Could a financial transactions tax work for the UK?

by Michael Burke.

The European commission has formally adopted a proposal for a financial transactions tax (FTT — sometimes called a “Tobin tax” after the economist who proposed taxing currency trades). An FTT has long been championed by campaigners and this is regarded by them as a breakthrough. It is vehemently opposed by the Conservative government.

Support an EU-wide financial transaction tax

by Jon Lansman.

The GMB is urging Conservative, Lib Dem, Scottish Nationalist and Plaid Cymru MEPs to support the introduction of an EU financial transaction tax (FTT) when the issue comes before European Parliament next month. Labour and Green MEPs are already strongly backing the proposal which will be voted on in the next Strasbourg plenary session on […]

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