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The Miliband magic

by Michael Meacher.

What political leader in Opposition has ever stopped in its tracks what looked like irresistible momentum towards a disaster? No, I can’t think of one either. Certainly not Cameron – can you remember any of the positions he took during the 5 years before the 2010 election, apart from slyly posing beside a dog-sleigh in […]

Tabloids don’t have to be dumb

by David Osler.

It’s week six of the Leveson inquiry, and I for one have stopped following the details. The precise circumstances in which Piers Morgan got to hear recordings of conversations between Heather Mills and Paul McCartney is a topic that will fascinate few of us. Yet my guess would be that the proceedings will so far […]

Abusing George Orwell

by Mark Seddon.

No journalist worth his or her salt should rejoice in the downfall of another. There are plenty of commentators in particular that I could name who infuriate me, who have in fact infuriated for me for years, or who I have had real spats with. I would be disappointed if some of them didn’t feel […]

The catharsis to come

by Michael Meacher.

The Murdoch phone-hacking frenzy morphing into a far bigger picture of elite corruption in Britain is now in full spate. The country is ruled by a closed network between banks and international finance, mega-corporations, the small clique round No.10, an aggressive media, and an indifferent police/MI5 security system. Every one of them has now been […]

Never buy the Sun

by Jon Lansman.

Billy Bragg’s message is simple but seems to have stood the test of recent times pretty well.

Murdoch evidence supports break-up of his empire

by Michael Meacher.

What do you do with a global firm now worth $50bn, run by its family founders who control most of the votes but only 13% of the equity, when the CEO turns 80 and the empire is clearly too large for its management? That was the central issue highlighted on Tuesday in the Wilson room […]

Police collusion, government complacency almost as serious as NoW law-breaking

by Michael Meacher.

The police have a great deal to answer for over this media crisis and one resignation, however honourable, does not exculpate their collective liability. Three months ago the Guardian highlighted that “we now know that in dealing with the phone-hacking affair at the NoW, they (the Met) cut short their original inquiry, suppressed evidence, misled […]

Different rules apply?

by Jon Lansman.

For the record, here’s the extract from Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation statement which has enabled Yvette Cooper to pinpoint the critical question which now has to be asked about phone hacking — why different rules apply to the Met police commissioner and the prime minister over their respective phone hacking links:

Hackgate: notes on political crises

by David Osler.

Westland didn’t bring down Thatcher, Major took on the Maastricht Bastards and lived. Not even the combination of illegal war against Iraq, the Kelly suicide and cash for peerages was enough to force Blair to quit. Prime ministers, it seems, invariably ride out a little local difficulty. I do not see anything in either the […]

What the downfall of the Mafia State should tell us

by Michael Meacher.

Amid all the reportage of the crumbling of the Murdoch empire, one important matter has been glossed over. Why did it happen at all? It wouldn’t have but for three events. The first is the tenacity of the Guardian, despite all the fob-offs from the police, the politicians and News International over a period of 5 […]

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