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Scotland: Now comes the reckoning

by Michael Meacher.

The 55%-45% divide was larger than any of the polls had predicted and may reflect the last-minute fear factor strongly projected by the inglorious and verging-on-hysterical Westminster establishment. But it will come as an immense relief both to Cameron, who would almost certainly have been unceremoniously ejected if the Yes vote had won, and to […]

Labouring in Glasgow: “The Imperial March”

by Ben Sellers.

For me the enduring image of the Referendum campaign will be of a large group of smartly clad Labour MPs, being pursued through the streets of Glasgow by a Yes campaigner on a rickshaw with a loud hailer, accompanied by the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) from Empire Strikes Back. The man on the rickshaw […]

Politics and Independence: How Do You Feel?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Better Together has been short on emotion, and all of a sudden it’s there’s shouting and bawling all over the place. Almost. The Prime Minister has ventured north from Westminster twice to make heartfelt pleas to Scottish voters. And Gordon Brown (Gordon Brown!) has been stomping around making the passionate case for the union. Too […]

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